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Interior design gives you the ability the create the environment around you. You can shape your life at work where the hustle is real and 9 - to - 5 is really more like "from when I open to my eyes to when I close my eyes." Or you can shape your life at home where the your mind can relax or retreat. Either way, the journey and the outcome are all about you and Ouellette and Company  can lead the way.

Our experience lends itself to various design styles while maintaining common elements: spaces are layered with textures, complemented with color, and bathed in natural light. These elements create a background for living that keeps the focus where is should be: you.


Collection of Work

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Based in Dallas, TX and serving clients internationally, O & Co. is a family owned and operated collective of decorators, designers and developers working to customize the properties of our customers.

Our strengths include creatively problem solving within the constraints of your property's remodel as well as executing a timely design strategy because we recognize that you and your time are valuable.


Work Experience

From acquiring your property to design the interior to decorating the finished space, Ouellette and Company has the expertise and experience to take your project from to start to finish on time and on budget.