Our Team

O & Co. is a family owned and operated collective of decorators, designers and developers working to customize the properties of our customers.

Hannah - Lead Designer and Principal at Ouellette and Company

Hannah Ouellette 

Designing furniture and improving floor plans were the childhood activities of young Hannah Ouellette. It is no wonder then that she graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Interior Design. She quickly settled in Dallas from Savannah and set up shop. She logically arranges spaces and selects sophisticated finishes to create standout projects for every client.

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Jarrett ouellette

A force in the international business community as well as a sought out business consultant, Jarrett Ouellette turned his focus toward family. His striking ability to find and acquire real estate property has made him one to watch within the community of Dallas and El Paso developers. Jarrett's unique skillsets allow Ouellette and Company to provide our clients with start-to-finish project management, beginning with property acquisition.

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Becky Ouellette 

Our designer and decorator, Becky Ouellette has over 20 years of experience in the design field. Her experience takes her from residential to commercial, international to domestic. Although she has a strong sense of personal style, she can deftly adhere to whatever style may be required as well as create an unifying aesthetic where none exists.

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Emily Brockhoff (Ouellette)

With a background in design and the preservation of historic architecture and experience as a project manager for commercial construction, Emily Brockhoff now serves Ouellette and Company as a social media manager and promoter.